St. Agatha YouTube Links

Some have asked whether we will resume putting a Sunday Mass on-line for the faithful remaining at home. We are intending to live-stream the 11:00 am Sunday Mass on the YouTube platform. It will be available to watch live or at a later time. A link to the live stream will also be available on Facebook, Instagram, and our Website. Since this will be a change from the way we had been providing Mass “on the line,” we will test our change this Sunday, August 2nd.




Not everyone is seeing this information so PLEASE share this with your friends and fellow parishioners who may not be on social media or have the MyParish App!Find Us Now on YouTube – Subscribe to our channel to see upcoming videos, including Palm Sunday and the Triduum Services. Search for us by looking up Saint Agatha Upper Arlington Church. The profile picture is a picture of the Church.

The liturgies will be simplified because no congregation will be present. The services will be posted on YouTube and will be available around the time Mass/Services would have been offered. The links will also be provided on our website, on our Facebook page, on the St. Agatha’s MyParish App and on School Speak.



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