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In 2020, protocols associated with dampening the spread of COVID-19 include maintaining safe distances from one another, which necessitates reducing the number of people permitted in a room or building at any one time.  In order to minimize worshippers’ chances of acquiring the virus, St. Agatha Catholic Church is doing what can be reasonably done without sacrificing “the irreplaceable preciousness and beauty” of the Sacred Liturgy.
We are requiring a reservation of each and all wishing to attend any Christmas Mass at St. Agatha Catholic Church’s Christmas Masses this year.  We hope that this will be the only year we have to do this; and we thank you in advance for your charity, patience, and cooperation.  Other parishes in the Diocese have found this approach to be an effective way of avoiding complications associated with gatherings of the faithful, notably as an alternative to turning people away when church capacities have reached their maximums.
Accordingly, your family must reserve seating for the Christmas Mass you plan to attend.  Using “Sign-Up Genius,” add your family (i.e. “last’) name and then select the number of spaces you will need.  However, your number may not exceed eight (8) individuals (including oneself).  There are no tickets to print.  When you appear for the Christmas Mass for which you have a reservation, you must see the usher at the door you enter; he or she will mark you off the list as arrived.  Seating is not assigned, merely reserved.  If seat preferences begin shaping up inefficiently, some may be asked to move.
Remember, face coverings (masks and/or shields) continue to be required at Mass.  Please take your temperature before coming to the church.  If your temperature is 100.4o or above, if you are not feeling well, or you have a cough, please do not attend Christmas Mass.
The church will not open until thirty (30) minutes before Mass is scheduled to start. It is imperative that you appear only for the Christmas Mass for which you had reserved space.  Those who show up for any Christmas Mass for which they do not have a reservation, will be required to wait in a holding area to see if any seating will become available. These will not be guaranteed a space and may be turned away if they cannot be seated.
On the Eve of Christmas (December 24th) Mass is celebrated at 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m., each in the church.  On Christmas Day (December 25th) Mass is celebrated at 10:00 a.m., also in the church.  We will attempt to stream the Christmas Eve 4:00 p.m. Mass on our YouTube channel.  You will be able to view that Mass live or at a later, more convenient time.

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