Online Giving: If you are a new or currently registered member of St. Agatha and would like to have your parish offertory processed electronically, please click the link, fill out the card and email it to or mail it back to the Parish at 1860 Northam Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221

Link to the EFT PDF Card: On-Line Stewardship Appeal Card

To receive envelopes or to add/change your automatic withdrawal, please call the church office at (614) 488-6149.

To be able to assign contributions that you make to your family profile they need to be identifiable by placing cash or a check in a church envelop, blank envelop with your name and address, giving a check with your current name and address or giving through EFT. While we are extremely grateful for loose cash in the basket we have no way of assigning it to a person.

What is the definition of “Participating Membership in a Parish,” and why does it matter?  According to the Diocese of Columbus Policy Number 3130.0:

In order … to be acknowledged by the parish as a ‘participating member,’ it is necessary that a family or the individual adult meets all the following:

  • Is registered in the parish,

  • Is recognized by the pastor as … participating in the sacramental life of the parish,

  • Contribute time and talent to the ministries of the parish, and

  • Regularly contribute an appropriate portion of their annual income to the financial support of the parish.

Satisfying these criteria matters because they qualify or disqualify a family or an individual adult from enjoying a number of privileges the parish offers.  For example, those who fail to contribute to the financial support of the parish may find that (1) they are not eligible for a tuition reduction in our grade school or for a parish subsidy to attend any other Catholic school; (2) they or their children are not eligible to wed at the parish church; (3) they are not eligible for approval as a baptismal or confirmation sponsor; and/or (4) their child’s or children’s eligibility for one or more Sacraments of Initiation are compromised or complicated.

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