There are many ways to serve at St. Agatha. Every job is important.

We welcome your service and are sure that you will find something you enjoy doing among our ministries and committees.


Administration —Angela Keener: 614-486-6149

Adult Education —Jeanne Altiero: 614-488-4975

Agathan Newsletter —Sarah Magill: 614-306-7075

Athletics —Russell Rogers: 740-304-7180

Altar Care — René Haas: 614-451-5112

Baptismal Garments —Paula Borton: 614-486-3964

Bereavement —Mary Ann Schirtzinger: 614-488-6149

Childcare Office —Patty McClintic: 614-488-3322

Habitat for Humanity —Barbara McSheffery: 614-481-8465

Home School Association —Janelle Soder: 614-578-2695

Knights of Columbus —Mike Loughley 614-460-1650

Liturgical Ministers —Rectory Office: 614-488-6149

Ministry to the Sick —Mary Ann Schirtzinger: 614-488-6149

Music —Michael Vicario: 614-488-6149

Welcoming  —Nancy Rague: 614-529-0225

Open Shelter Dinners —Barbara Wookey: 614-457-0083

PSR (Parish School of Religion) Office: Jeanne Altiero: 614-488-4975

Parish Council —Kurt Niermeyer: 614-488-6149

Parish Office Volunteers —Kristin Harkless: 614-488-6149

Prayer Gardeners —Mindy Francisco: 614-488-7777

Prayer Line —Mary Ann Schirtzinger: 614-488-6149

R.C.I.A —Lisa Schechter: 614-488-6149

St. Vincent de Paul —Sue McNally 478-213-0496

Sandwiches/Outreach —Carol Ryan: 614-486-4096

Scrip — René Haas: 614-451-5112


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