Adult Education February 2019

The Future of the Church

On the four Sundays of February Father Edmund Hussey will lead discussions of some topics of interest for the future of the Church. These discussions will not give detailed predictions of the future but will provide some background and educated guesses. These programs will be between the Masses on Sunday mornings and will begin at 9:30 a.m., in the Parish Hall.

February 3: Bishops in the Future Church

On the first Sunday of February Father Hussey will lead a discussion about the leadership role of bishops in the Future Church. In the Tridentine era of the Church the bishops were more the administrators of large dioceses than a pastoral presence for their people. They usually appeared only on special occasions garbed in the impressive regalia and symbols of their office. Then the Second Vatican Council issued a decree about bishops that emphasized their pastoral ministry in the Church. Since the Council, the bishops’ failure to deal effectively with the sex abuse scandals has weakened their prestige and their leadership role in the Church.

February 10: Women in the Future Church

The day of women’s silent partnership in the Church is over. A new day has dawned for them and, therefore, for the entire Church. Nevertheless the issue is not an easy one. The place of women in the Church today, has been a matter of intense discussion and often of heated dispute.

February 17: Immigrants and Strangers in the Future Church

Moses said to the people of Israel: “You shall therefore love the stranger for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt.” This line reminds us that we are all immigrants and that we should love the immigrants in our midst. In the Last Judgment scene in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus will say to the Just at the end of time: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” It is, therefore, somewhat ironic that our immigrant nation has become so conflicted about immigration today.

February 24: Welcome in the Future Church

On the fourth and final Sunday of our February Adult Education Program Father Hussey will discuss the transition from the Tridentine image of the Church as a Perfect Society to the Post-Vatican II image of the Church as a Pilgrim People, which supports Pope Francis’ hope that we will always be a welcoming Church, not a judgmental Church.



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